Subaru BRZ Eibach Suspension

Japanese sports cars have always been known for amazing driving dynamics. Perfect handling is one of the key reasons why there are so many car enthusiasts that prefer sports cars from the land of the rising sun. Among numerous Japanese car brands, Subaru always had a special place in our hearts. Although styling philosophy of these cars have always been rather conventional, things with the ride quality were always on a completely opposite side. Impreza and other models were always characterized by amazing handling, thanks to advanced 4×4 systems. Along with powerful and eargasmic boxer engines, this has always been the company’s strongest point. The freshest model from this manufacturer is called BRZ.

Subaru BRZ originally came in 2012 and it is still in production. The same car uses some other names as well, such as Toyota GT86 or Scion FR-S. However, the essence is same. Amazing handling and powerful engine make these cars perfect small coupes. Believe it or not, there is a way to make them even better.

That way is, of course, to purchase Eibach suspension. Although stock components are pretty amazing, coilovers from the famous German manufacturer will make Subaru BRZ even more capable in corners.

For this occasion, Eibach engineers developed three products that could be installed in this sports car. One of them is the famous Pro-Street-S kit. This is the most basic way for lowering your BRZ. This product includes hi-quality stainless steel-bodied coilover spring/damper package, which will surely provide effortless cornering. These coilovers feature adjustability of 2 inches, with rust-free stainless steel technology and easy adjustment. Finally, there’s a 1-year warranty.

Another possibility is to go for the popular Multi-Pro-R1 kit. Once again, there is a version of this kit designed especially for Subaru BRZ and its derivates. It features company’s recognizable monotube technology, which provides real track-like performances. This kit is completely made in the U.S. and includes a 1-year warranty.

The Multi-Pro-R2 kit would be the ultimate choice. Thanks to an easy installation process, you will need just a couple of hours to turn this Subaru BRZ into a real racing car. The kit comes with the famous monotube technology. You can count on a 2-inch range of adjustability, including fine adjustment. The product is 100% designed and produced in the U.S. and comes with a 1-year warranty.