KW Suspension – Audi RS4 Stance Project

Young timers like this one are probably the best choice for stance projects. Besides iconic Japanese sports cars from the 90’s, there are few European players in the game as well. One of them is first-generation Audi RS4. This model is based on the original B5 A4, which was in production between 1995 and 2001. It is a hi-performance version which comes with a powerful 2.7-liter six-cylinder unit under the hood. With a great help of twin turbochargers, this engine goes all away up to 380 horsepower, which was a jaw-dropping number back in the 90’s. Moreover, this amount of power is respectable even nowadays. On the other side, this car needs a technological upgrade in terms of suspension, which will provide better cornering and overall performances. Things are becoming even better if we consider that there are only 6030 units of this performance version.

New suspension and wheels are essentials of every stance project. Lowering brings plenty of benefits. Getting closer to the ground makes the car far better in cornering, as well as in braking and acceleration. Also, there is a great visual improvement. With the lower ground clearance, you can count on a more attractive look. Along with the larger wheels that will fill the empty space of fender wells, new suspension is critical if you want to make any car more attractive.

For this project, KW Suspension seems like a natural choice. This manufacturer offers a wide range of products designed for vehicles from VW Group. This Audi RS4 gets KW Variant 3 coilovers. It is one of the most popular KW products, which offers an excellent balance between comfort and performances. Definitely, the right way to turn this station wagon into a real racing car. These coilovers offer company’s famous rebound&compression damping adjustable damper technology, as well as inox-line stainless technology.

Another important part of this stance project – wheels. Fortunately, this model features plenty of space in the fender wheels, so dimensions like 20×9 inches are no problem at all. In this case, the choice was on attractive ADV1 RS-Quattro wheels with 20 inches in diameter.

Also, the owner installed a new exhaust system and did few minor modifications on the engine, which provided additional 15 horses.

That’s all when it comes to modifications of this hi-performance station wagon, though it doesn’t mean that we won’t see more of it in the future. The exterior has remained unchanged so far, as well as the cabin, which comes completely black, with elegant leather upholstery.