Honda S2000 Slammed with AP Coilovers

For a full decade, Honda S2000 was one of the lightest sports cars on the market. Originally launched in 1999, this roadster was designed as a direct competitor of the legendary Mazda Miata. For all these years, the company managed to sell more than 110.000 units, which are quite respectable numbers. Thanks to a relatively low purchase price, this small roadster has become very popular among car enthusiasts. There is a large number of these cars on sale in these days.

Considering the model’s price, most of the stance projects of these cars would require some more affordable components. This particular model relies on AP Suspension, an affordable but reputable manufacturer. This company has a special program for Japanese sports cars, so it wasn’t hard to find the perfect fit for this amazing roadster. The choice was on AP Adjustable Coilovers, one of the company’s most popular products, characterized by an excellent balance between price and quality.

AP Suspension offers a lot of products for Japanese cars and these coilovers are among the popular ones. These coilovers allow plenty of adjustments. A lowering range goes around 60 millimetres. More precisely said, you can lower your car from 30 to 90 millimetres. The damping level has been increased by 30%, so we can say that this product balances very well between comfort and performances. Also, consider that springs, shock absorbers, dust guard and bump stop and other parts are made of hi-quality materials. After all, there is a 2-year warranty. With the new suspension, this roadster now features much better driving characteristics. Thanks to its light body, cornering is almost effortless. Braking and acceleration have been improved as well.

This stance project has also included new wheels. Stock 17-inch wheels have been replaced by new OZ X-Line X5B wheels, with 19 inches in diameter. There is also a new bodywork, which includes custom bumpers and rear diffuser, as well as aftermarket spoiler.

Under the hood, few modifications have been made as well. A stock model comes with a 2.2-liter gasoline engine which delivers around 237 horsepower. With a few novelties like air filter and exhaust system, the power is now close to 250 horses. According to the owner, this isn’t the end of the process. Further modifications will include some more serious changes to the engine, which would eventually bring a significant power increase. Also, few interior changes are possible, including new trim, steering wheels and similar details.